Concours Causes

Rancho Cielo Classic Car Restoration X Carmel-by-the-Sea Rotary Club

Thanks to a Rotary Global Grant, Rancho Cielo has now established a new vocational training program to teach their students how to repair and restore Classic & Antique Autos. The skills needed to maintain these pre-1982 vehicles are fast “aging out”, yet Monterey County is an epicenter for the entire classic car industry, yet NO vocational training exists to train people how to repair Classic & Antique autos! Garage owners are simply too busy to train new workers.

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Sunset Cultural Center: Arts Education

Sunset Cultural Center provides nationally recognized arts education and integration training to teachers and students in low-income schools throughout Monterey County, free of charge. Below are the main programs they oversee:

  • Classroom Connections, Our signature Arts Education program
  • The Kennedy Center's Partners in Education, partnering with North Monterey County Unified School District
  • Turnaround Arts: California, Regional Coach to Monterey County Partner Schools
  • Silkroad Connect, partnering with North Monterey County Middle School
  • JazzReach, partnering with Monterey Jazz Festival
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Carmelo Atheltic & Social Club Revitalization X Carmel Valley Forum

The Carmel Valley Forum will be revitalizing the Carmelo Athletic & Socail Club. Built in 1895, this gathering spot for locals that was once home to town hall meetings, gym activities, dances, celebrations, and Grange Meetings